Ways to See Your Pet When You're Away at College

Have pet separation anxiety? You are not alone.

Here are a few ways to see your pets when you’re away at college:

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We know how sad it is to leave your pet behind when going away to college. Separation anxiety is a real thing and knowing that there are ways to see your pets and for them to see you will raise comfort and decrease stress.

When it comes to commuters, they have it easy because they get to see their pets every day. If you go to college an hour or two away, you may not be able to see your pets every day, but at least you can drive home and see them whenever you miss them. Therefore, when it's laundry day or the weekend, and you’re driving home, take full advantage and embrace the time you have with your pet before going back to school.  

Family and friends who frequently visit you at school can easily bring your pet along for a surprise visit. This could only work if you live in a pet friendly apartment complex. A pet friendly apartment is a good way to meet new people and let your pets make friends. It is also a comfort for you to know that you can bring and leave your pet in your apartment and that it will be waiting for you when you get back from class. This would be very helpful during those stressful midterm and finals week.

Unfortunately, if you go to college 3+ hours away from home then it will be more difficult to see your pet. The only way 3+ hours individuals get to see their pets is during winter break and spring break. If you and your pet have bad separation anxiety, then leaving a cozy warm blanket or shirt with your scent on it will keep your pet happy and secure. Knowing that they are okay will make you less stressful when away at school.

There are other ways to get through the school year without physically seeing your pet. For instance, you can look up pet videos on the internet like Facebook and YouTube for comfort. Looking at videos of whatever kind of pet you have will help you remember the good and fun times you and your pet have together. Also, having your family, friend, caregiver, neighbor etc. take pictures of your pet, or what I like to call it--"your daily dose of cuteness", will reassure you that they are safe, which will make you feel better.

Other ways to see your pets when you miss them is by facetiming your family and asking to see your pet. Your pet may look at you funny and confused, but at least they’ll be able to see you through the screen and hear your voice. Also, buying a pet cam like Petkit is a great way to cope without psychically being with them. Pet cams have unique features. For instance, there’s a live video monitor which provides a smart automatic feeder and water bowl, a speaker or microphone to talk to your pet, odor eliminator, and a massage comb. Not only can you see your pet, but you can talk to them, feed them, record them, and watch it later.

Lastly, if you see a pet and its owner on campus, don’t feel embarrassed to walk up to them and say hello because most likely the pet just wants affection.

Even though you may not be able to see your pet as much as you want, knowing that there are ways to virtually see them or other pets similar to them can make things a little easier on you and them.