Three Moods of the Pandemic

This pandemic, let me tell you. This is the hardest year I have ever had. I am CRAWLING to the finish line, thank god. However, I am sure a lot of other people feel this way and for that, I would like to share my personal three moods of the pandemic.

  1. 1. Exhausted

    girl laying in bed feeling stressed out

    From work to school I am burnt out. I feel like this has been my hardest academic and personal year ever. I wish we could just go back to the way things were.

  2. 2. Excited

    Friends Excited

    The moment when you have heard more than 5 times now "the pandemic is almost over". This is the statement that makes you super excited but also the realization hits and it just makes you sad which leads me to my next mood.

  3. 3. Sad

    purple ribbon domestic violence awareness month

    Pandemic means many nights alone, many hard nights, many long hours working. This sucks. It also means no family, friends, loved ones, human contact. It is emotionally draining and tiring as all hell. I am just sad and burnt out but trying to keep going strong.

I hope this is relatable and will help others feel like they aren't the only ones. Keep crawling! Stay strong and we will get through this together.