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Things to do during a Staycation

So midterms hit and you want to leave all your classes and work behind, we’ve all been there. However, some of us aren’t so lucky as to get to travel to new places. More often than not we have to stay at home and be tortured with the pictures on Instagram of other people’s luxurious trips to islands, beaches, and other fun destinations. Below is a list of things you can do when you’re on your staycation.

  1. Catch up with the Fam

Your family loves you to the moon and back and they haven’t seen you since you left for the start of the semester, so schedule some family bonding. You know you didn’t call Mom and Dad enough during the semester anyway, so you’re probably due for some quality time.

2. Delve into some Home Cooking

Chick-Fil-A and Pizza is great and all but in no way does it beat those delicious Sunday dinners that are made with love. When you get home for that upcoming week, thank Mom and Dad for that amazing grub.

3. Go to a Restaurant

We all have our favorite places to eat when we’re home. Whether it be The Cheesecake Factory or Burgatory. Visit that place over the break and wallow in the great food. This can be a great time to catch up with friends or family and discuss those nights that you actively try to forget.

4. Catching a Movie

Go grab some popcorn and candy and head to the movies to indulge in the dark lights and the big screen. If you can, try to get a seat at a theatre with reclining chairs. It’s by far the best way to see a movie.

5. Get Ahead in your Homework

I know, we are in the middle of midterms and no one wants to think about homework or school work anymore. However, a week at home can be the perfect time to get ahead so you aren’t stressed out when you journey back to good ol’ Indiana.

6. Watch Netflix

Probably the most realistic on this list, bingeing on Netflix will be on everyone’s to-do list in the upcoming week. Take some time to unwind and destress from the impending stress of midterms.


Now after all of these are done you’ll never want to leave home sweet home. Don’t be too sad and take a well needed break!

Hi everyone! I'm an early childhood and special education major. I'm also in my junior year. I love to binge watch netflix and bake yummy foods. Looking forward to meeting everyone and writing about some womanly things.
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