Thank You, But I Know My Worth

Thank you, but I Know my Worth

Almost every girl has that one guy that we fall back to when we are lonely. We know it’s not a good idea, we know they aren't going to change and we know not to expect anything more. We may just be comfortable with them, and we do have a good time with them. After months and months of being at our lowest of lows, many believe that we are completely and utterly vulnerable at the moment. Which is far from the truth. In my eyes, vulnerability is paired with courage, bravery, and strength. Though we all expect too much out of somebody, especially that guy, what we do know though is we deserve a lot better then who we are giving our attention to.

So, on that note, here’s to “that guy” that we truly don’t need or want in our lives.

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Please take the meaningless, needy, compliments and walk away. Yes, I am going through a tough time, and I would love to hear those compliments. No, I’m not stupid. I know very well that those compliments aren’t sincere and just part of your game. I’m sorry, but you think after such a long time of putting up with what I don’t deserve, I’m going to accept a boy who puts me on the back burner?

I’m so much more than a one-night fling. I deserve to be loved, not played. Do yourself a favor, if you are willing to ignore my messages, talk about other girls, and only be all over me when you're drunk, leave me alone. Please don’t claim to be my “friend.” Friends grab a bite to eat, watch a new movie, or even vent to each other.

You will not use my vulnerability to your advantage. Yes, I got out of a toxic situation. Yes, I might not be the happiest. Yes, I may not be the most confident. However, I know my worth, and no you may not make me feel better.

I know what I want out of our friendship and it's strictly only friendship. I’ll admit, I might have some feelings for you, but they won’t go very far. You won’t change, and it won’t work. You would expect me to be a secret to your family and friends. You would keep me on the down-low. Surprise, I’m not the down-low type. I love and need to be shown off. I want people to know about me and I want to make sure you know my worth. It’s a ton more than me being a secret.

Please. Don’t tell me you have changed, don’t give me excuses, and please don’t tell me you have feelings too and then tell me you don’t when you’re sober.

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You think that because my toxic situation brought me down that you can use that to your advantage. Surprise to you, my toxic hell, gave me strength and courage I never knew I had. It gave me the understanding of when to wait for change, and realizing that someone’s a lost cause. Therefore, I’m removing myself from whatever this is.(Gif by

I, again, know my worth. Since I deserve better then whatever we are. My heart cannot be tugged at and then just left alone. I made the mistake of trusting you again, of thinking we could be friends, and of thinking you were any different than the last time. I’m not going to find any happiness nor closure in someone or something that has hurt me before. I know this won’t hurt you and that you have other girls to occupy your time. I know my worth, and I deserve a lot better than you. 

So to the girls that always run to "that guy," we know better, we deserve better, and we know our worth! 

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