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Please be advised that some of these shows may have possible triggers. Please make sure to look up any possible triggers before watching!

Sex education

SEX! But not really. This 2 season show (with another season coming in September) showcases the weird and awkward way that sex rules our teenage years.

Keywords: High school, Love, Heartbreak, Raunchy, LGBTQ+, Witty

money heist

Ever think about robbing a bank? That’s exactly what these professionals robbers decide to do. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Part 5 Vol. 1 was just released and the final part is being released in December.

Keywords: Money, Crime, Love, Suspense, LGBTQ+, Violence

bojack horseman

Being a celebrity is not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes celebrities fall off the deep end…just ask Bojack. This 6 season show shows the complicated life and lifestyle of a famous horse from a 90’s sitcom. It also has a holiday special!

Keywords: Animated, Intense, Substances, Violence, Witty, Dark


Sex, drugs, high school, and…. murder? What could go wrong when you take three underprivileged students and throw them into a private high-class school? I guess you’re gonna have to watch to find out. This four-season show showcases just how far someone with money will go to protect the ones around them.

Keywords: High School, Spanish, Substances, Crime, Suspense, LGBTQ+

The society

What would you do is one day you woke up and all the adults were gone? That is exactly what this town of only teenagers must figure out. How far will one go to be in charge and how far will one go to make it out alive? This show was unfortunately canceled, but the first season is so good. Maybe someday Netflix will renew this absolute gem!

Keywords: High School, Dark, LGBTQ+, Suspense, Raunchy, Dystopian


Ever wonder what it would be like to launder drugs and money? Obviously not….hahaha (FBI agent I do not think about this:p) However, this three-season show really captures the life of a money launderer and the effects it has on himself and his family.

Keywords: Crime, Intense, Dark, Thriller

The staircase

Was it meticulously planned or just a fall? Only one man knows the truth. This one-season docuseries investigates Michael Peterson and his trial. Could he have killed his wife or was it all a tragic accident?

Keyword: True Crime, LGBTQ+, Proactive, Dark, Twisted


The beginning of America was not as great as we think it was. Would you turn your back on your company for personal gain? This three-season show makes you feel as if you are actually in Colonial America.

Keywords: Period Piece, Violent, Gore, Suspense, Dark


Nick brewer killed a woman and at 5 million views on his video confession, he dies. But why would a faithful husband and loving father kill someone? This new series investigates how far a loved one will go to prove the innocence of another. But what happens when they are guilty? What happens when they are not? Where is Nick Brewer and why would someone kidnap him?

Keywords: Crime, Love, Heartbreak, Emotional, Exciting

The Devil Next door

What do you do when the great neighbor next door turns out to be one of the most notorious Nazi officers ever. This one-season docuseries examines the life of John Demjanjuk and the accusations about him being Ivan the Terrible, a brutal Nazi death camp guard.

Keyword: True Crime, Dark, Emotional, Historical

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