Take Back the Night



April 15th is the day that IUP students campus-wide will Take Back the Night. What’s that you ask? What does “take back the night” mean? Well, readers, allow me to learn you a very important thing. 

Take Back the Night is an event that protests rape and sexual violence, as well as raising awareness and recognizing victims. Women first marched in San Francisco in 1973 to protest pornography and the murders of women of color in Los Angeles. In 1975, people marched after the murder of microbiologist Susan Alexander Speeth. Since the 70s, TBTN supporters have been protesting any and all forms of sexual and domestic violence and holding events in venues such as colleges, rape crisis centers, and domestic violence centers. 

On April 15th, students, faculty, and community members alike will be gathering in the Delaney courtyard. Carrying anti-violence signs and chanting empowerment messages, we will be marching through the IUP campus to spread awareness about sexual violence. We will also be showing our support for the victims and survivors of these crimes. 

Please come join us! Whether you are are a survivor, a supporter, or just a simple person looking to do some good in the world, you’re welcome to tag along as we march on the path to eliminating sexual violence. 

Also, stop by our table at the Sex Carnival during Sex Week (April 13th-17th) to snag some cute buttons like the one shown above!