Summer Activities

What to Do This Summer:

Whether you are spending this summer with family, your significant other, or friends, there are always adventures around the corner. Here are some fun expensive and non-expensive activities to do this summer.


  • Snorkeling with the fishies
  • Jet skiing is always a blast
  • Skydiving is for the brave and courageous
  • Ziplining and going through obstacle courses 60 feet above the ground is well worth it

 (The Adirondack Extreme)

  • Rock climbing and cliff jumping are definitely for thrill seekers
  • Explore a cave full of jewels
  • Kayaking and paddle boarding are a summer must
  • Amusement parks are always a fun idea
  • Drink at breweries, wineries, beach bars (or in this case SEACRETS in Ocean City, Maryland)


  • Ax throwing is the new trend
  • Become Mario's best friend and go-go-carting
  • Going on a cruise or visiting another country may be expensive, but worth it
  • Have a laugh at a comedy show, or go to NYC and see an amazing play
  • River rafting is highly recommended for any thrill seekers while tubing is relaxing


  • Horseback riding or watching a rodeo is something different to try
  • Visit your local zoo or aquarium
  • Definitely need to go to at least one concert or festival
  • Lay by the beach, pool, or lake
  • Have a picnic in any nearby park

(The Bakery @ Jordan)

  • Biking makes you remember the good old times when you were young and keeps you fit
  • Hiking and exploring is always a great idea 
  • Walk and shop, play some games, or go on rides at the boardwalk
  • Mini-golfing and ice cream is the way to go
  • Drive in's are always a go-to activity
  • Play a friendly game of cornhole

(Playrs Club)

  • Play some volleyball or badminton
  • Camping or glamping is always a good idea
  • Go fishing or crabbing
  • Host a BBQ and bonfire with friends and family