Stop Taking Life Too Seriously

All too often, many of us beat ourselves up over the mistakes we make in our hectic lives. Whether that be in terms of school, relationships, jobs, or anything in your life that is important to you. We must keep in mind the upside of feeling defeated and making mistakes. We are all human, perfection is unattainable, relationships and friendships will sometimes fail, and things just may not always go the way we want them to. It’s incredibly important to remember that failing is OK—in fact, failure teaches us lessons that we can only learn and grow from.

(Photo by Xenia Bogarova)

Sometimes we forget that life won’t always go the way we hoped or planned, and rather than embracing change or defeat, we let the unpleasant things control our minds. If you’re feeling lost, disappointed, defeated, confused, or simply have no idea of what you’re doing or where you’re going; realize that no one truly knows what they’re doing. All of us are just trying to navigate our way through the world, there’s no right path to take, you make the most of the one you’re on or you decide to pick a different path if it’s not the one for you.(Photo by Paulette Wooten)

Instead of looking at all the things that have gone wrong, focus on the future and all that it has to offer you. As humans, one of the most remarkable things about us is our resilience. No matter what you are going through, what obstacles are being thrown at you, remind yourself that you have the strength and perseverance to overcome them. Life is full of surprises, sure they’re not all great, but there is beauty in the unexpected if we allow ourselves to be open to positivity and all the things that could go right. One thing I always try to remind myself is to not take life so seriously; a lot of us have a habit of reliving events instead of simply letting things go, laughing about it and moving on. Most of the things that happen in our lives our things we cannot control; which is something I have to constantly say to myself. Focus your energy on all of the things we can control and ignore the things that we cannot. We are too young, too smart, and too full of life to be worrying about the small stuff. Imagine the relief and happiness you could feel if you just decided that most things are not worth getting upset or worked up over, the best thing we can do is stay calm and enjoy the moment and embrace whatever comes next.