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The Stages of Procrastinating, as told in GIFs

Procrastinating on schoolwork is something everyone struggles with, even though it’s not good for us. If you’re like me and procrastinate a lot, you will find that these stages to procrastinating are all too relatable in a scary way.

1. Thinking that you have a lot of time to do all your homework


2. Doing a little bit of work now and feeling proud of it


3. Going on Social Media to see what’s happening


4. Deciding that afterwards, you need to take a nap so that you’ll be energized to start homework


5. After your nap, you decide that you’re hungry so you need to eat before starting your work


6. Once you’re done with your snack, you realize you can’t possibly do homework in a messy environment so you take some time to clean


7. Realizing that it’s now nighttime and you had all day to do homework, but you waited this long and now you have to stay up late to do it


8. Saying you will never do this again, but knowing way too well that you will do it again tomorrow

I am a junior at IUP who hopes to one day major either in Public Relations or Political Science with an obsession with music.
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