Social Media Movements are More than a Trend

In the age of social media, it’s very easy to find yourself scrolling through a hashtag and not feel anything or feel that you can just ignore them and wait for them to end. No matter where you stand politically, it is extremely important to remember that social media trends such as #MeToo and #WhyIDidn’tReport are so much more than just trends. silhouette photography of woman(Photo by Devin Edwards)

Behind these hashtags are countless stories of survival and healing that may have never been shared before. The individuals choosing to disclose on social media are opening themselves up to public scrutiny and fully understand that they may be mocked or ridiculed by people who feel that such hashtags are “an attack on men.”

But more importantly, these individuals are contributing to a fight much greater than themselves. They are acknowledging that society must change its ways so that individuals who are assaulted do not feel like they will be shamed for reporting or that their only option is to remain silent.

These movements on social media may not seem like much, but they are forcing us to discuss something that happens in our country more than it ever should. They force us to change “don’t get raped” to “do not rape.” These movements may not seem like much, but they are forcing people to take responsibility for their actions.

The next time you are scrolling through social media and you see #MeToo or #WhyIDidn’tReport or whatever hashtag comes next, acknowledge that that person lived through something and is demanding that more be done for the next generation.

These trends are demanding change and giving a voice to those who have long been overlooked.