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Our Dream Dinner Guests

This week we asked our writers, ” If you could have dinner with any two celebrities, who would it be and why?
Check out what a few of them had to say below!

Hannah Leigh Halphen-Senior Editor: Barack Obama and Bill Clinton…because duh.

Tiana Singleton-Reid-Contributing Writer: Michelle Obama and Beyonce because they are women who are powerful, not because of who they’re married to, but by their own strenghts and abilities. I love them!!!

Tiara Corsey-Feature Writer: Right now, I think having both the presidential candidates over for an informal sit down dinner would be fun.

Jasmine Imani Childs-Contributing Writer: This question is always a tough one! I would love to have dinner with Tupac and Frank Ocean. Even though both are at opposite ends, they both were/are unique and I would love to have a conversation with them. Tupac was more than a rapper to me, he was sort of a philosopher. Looking on the outside he was definitely tough but he was very intelligent. Frank Ocean seems like a beautiful person, and I would love to learn more about him since he’s shy to the media.

Amanda Petrunak-Feature Writer: I would choose Mary Higgins Clark and Patrick Swayze. The first one is my favorite author. I’ve always wanted to ask her where she gets her inspiration for her mystery novels. The second person is my favorite actor of all time, even though he passed away. Dirty Dancing will always be my favorite movie!

Junene Taylor-Editor-In-Chief: I know these people are not related at all but they are two of my favorite people nonetheless. Nas and Oprah. Nas is my favorite MC/Rapper of all time and Oprah is…well…Oprah! I think both of them would have a lot of knowledge to share and I would gladly soak it all up.

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Hailing from the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, Junene is a current student at Indiana University of PA majoring in Journalism. She has three minors consisting of Communications Media, English: Film Studies track, and Religious Studies.She is the founding President/Editor in Chief of IUP's branch of Hercampus.com, and is the Founder/President of the IUP women's organization That's What She Said. She is also a current member of SPJ, ( Society of Professional Journalists) PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), CSCR (Committee for the Study of Culture and Religion) and Vice President of the Religious Studies Club at IUP. She is the sole undergradate member of IUPs' Library Outreach and Marketing Committee and is a member of the Student Advisory Group. Junene is a first generation college student; her favorite film is The Usual Suspects and her favorite book is And Then There Were None, authored by Agatha Christie.
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