Katelyn Fox, Phi Gamma Nu


 This week’s campus celebrity is a super involved in both extracurricular activities and academia on the IUP campus. Katelyn Fox is a member of the Honors Cohort and is a marketing major with a minor in applied statistics and information systems. Very much involved in the Indiana community, Katelyn is Phi Gamma Nu's pledge educator, IUP Ambassadors' Vice President of Development, and the Blue Mountain High School Color Guard's assistant coach. Only a sophomore, Katelyn has a very long list of accomplishments.

Katelyn chose to major in Marketing after she was a member of Future Business Leaders of America and she fell in love with the business world. After taking her first marketing class, she says she “decided at that very moment” that marketing was what she wanted to do. She considers herself very lucky to have found a major that she loves so early on.

After recently being offered a year-long internship with WebpageFX she says that her current plans after graduation involved hopefully staying with the company and eventually gaining a full time position. She hopes to find a job that she really loves, and hopes to be able to stay close to her family. Going to a college five hours away from her home taught her about what's important in her life and she wants to maintain her family relationships. Her ideal work location would be around Harrisburg.

 When asked what her favorite memory at IUP was, she found it hard to pick just one. Katelyn’s favorite moments at IUP involved all of the opportunities she has been given that helped her excel in her academics and that hopefully will help her prepare for a strong future. Her favorite memories were the ones she has made with the members of the Honors cohort, especially when they went to Washington D.C..

Katelyn’s biggest advice to freshman is to become active on campus. She has definitely followed this advice herself and as a key member of several organizations she definitely works to get freshman to become a part of these great organizations!

Her last advice is to find a way to cope with stress. "College is a very stressful time in life for everyone, and finding a healthy way to release stress is important There are plenty of other ways to deal with stress, so if one thing doesn't work for you, there so many other options you to try." Katelyn added. Katelyn has recently developed her own blog to help her to relieve stress and get all of those thoughts out of her head. You can check that out here

Through all of her hard work, she still loves to help people to her best ability. Expect to see big things from Katelyn in the future, especially in the business world!