IUP Glitter


It’s not unusual this time of year to find people promoting organizations in the oak grove, but it is kind of unique to see glitter everywhere. What started out as part of a research writing project by sophomore Demi Hoover has become a major social media sensation and an excellent way to raise awareness for a cause IUP Glitter, the facebook page of the project, states that the idea is to “spread the glitter, spread the love”, to spread glitter over the campus as a sign of support and love for those battling depression, and to show that people who need it should not be afraid or embarrassed about seeking treatment. Hoover states that she chose this particular date for the project because it is the 2nd anniversary of losing one of her dear friends to suicide. The facebook page for the event states that “I wish every day that I would have been more vocal about my own struggles with depression so that Jenna knew she wasn't alone. I can't go back and change the events that happened two years ago, but I can use that experience to change what happens in the future.”

 In the days leading up to the event people were encouraged to share their stories and struggles, and many people have whether it be their own struggles, or stories in memory of their family and friends. By evening on Thursday, almost everywhere on campus I could see was covered in glitter. From 11 am to almost 5 pm sandwich bags full of glitter and information about depression awareness were passed out by Demi and several of her friends. The event was a huge hit on campus, attracting over 1,000 likes on facebook, and causing the planners to make 3 additional trips to the craft store to buy more glitter throughout the day before officially declaring themselves ‘sold out’ for the day.

This event was unlike most that you normally see on campus. What started as part of a research project for a writing class turned into a tribute for a friend gone too soon, as well as a way to support those who suffer from depression by proving our campus is accepting and willing to help. While I did not get to personally participate in this event I did get to enjoy the aftermath of seeing glitter gleaming all over campus, which was a very stunning sight and a wonderful tribute and way to raise awareness.