To the Independent Girl

To The Independent Girl


(photo by: Utomo Hendra Saputra)


Not many can relate to you. Not many know how hard it can be to be completely and utterly independent. Not many know you have no choice other than to be independent. You are strong. You are your own friend. You are one of the most important people in your own life. It can suck to live this way. Being independent takes you down roads that are incredibly bumpy--sometimes smooth--but no matter what, you always learn a lesson.

You don’t have many people behind you, supporting you. It sucks, but you live with it. Usually when you do see your friends, they are not happy for you regardless of the situation. They jump on you about every little thing, and then turn around and leave you stranded. Once again, leaving you alone to pick up your own pieces. That’s how you learned. That’s how you got so strong.

I’m amazed by you. You take every little thing that happens and understand that God had it happen for a reason. Nothing is a mistake. Everything has its purpose in life. The bad friends, the wonderful food, the horrible food, you tripping down the hall, you forgetting a deadline for school, you missing an appointment, anything. Anything and everything has a reason.

Nobody understands you. They don’t understand why you are the way you are. Everyone assumes you are okay. At times you assume with them. You think that you are fine, and just keep pushing through. You hate being anything but okay because no one is going to help you. You are alone again, and you’re going to have to pick up your own pieces.

You are by far one of the strongest people I know. You are independent by choice. Though, there is a reason why you are independent. Maybe the friends you thought you had, aren’t lifetime friends, maybe you found too much out about certain people. Honestly, who knows the real reason? No matter who fails you in life, you are going to have yourself, and that’s all that matters. 

Not every girl is like you. Not every girl is as strong as you. Not every girl is as independent as you. Take pride in it. Take pride in being alone. Take pride in how wonderfully strong you are. 


          The Independent Girl.