The Importance of Voting

The midterms are coming up soon and I’ve heard mixed things about people voting. Some have said that they’re definitely going to vote in the midterms, some are still on the fence about it, and some have decided that they’re not going to vote at all. As someone who is a Political Science minor, it troubles me to hear that this many people aren’t sure about voting or aren’t going to vote at all. So if you’re in one of those two categories, here’s a few reasons that you should be voting in November.

(Photo by Andy Feliciotti)

1. Civic duty

(Photo by Annie Bolin)

I’ll admit, this one isn’t the most compelling reason to get out there and vote, which is why I’m putting it first so we can both get this out of the way. However, as boring as it is, it is a sort of check and balance with our rights. We have rights that we get to keep and to keep them, we have minimal duties that give back to our country like jury duty and voting.


2. Making your voice heard


(Photo by Heather Mount)​

Whether you’re happy with the current President or not, this is your chance to say so. If you approve of him and the Republican party, go out and show them your support! If you think that the Democrats would do a better job, go and vote for them! If you think both of them aren’t doing well, go vote for a Green party member or a Libertarian! Whoever you affiliate yourself with, go and show your support so you can see more of your ideals spread through the government.


3. No right to complain


(Photo by Pawel Czerwinski)

I know this isn’t the greatest reason but hey, if it gets people to go and vote, so be it. Misery loves company but not company that is complaining about those in government when they didn’t go vote. At least if you go and vote but you don’t get your way, you have the right to voice your discontent because you participated.


4. Having a say for those who can't vote


(Photo by Elliott Stallion)

There are a lot of people in this country who can’t vote for a variety of reasons and I’m sure they would love to. Go and vote for them. Vote because you have the luck and the opportunity to go and do so. One that you’re taking for granted. So just go do it.


5. Because the government isn’t listening to us


(Photo by Mirah Curzer)​

Lastly, because we’re college-aged women who are being ignored. Anyone who is running for office is going to listen more to those over the age of 65 because they’re actually voting on election days. The Millennial generation has passed the Baby Boomer generation in terms of voting blocks. By going out and voting, we can show that we’re here and we will be heard. That the older generations aren’t running the country anymore and that we should be focusing on the future generations wants and needs.


I could go on and on about how important voting is but I feel like this is a pretty compelling list. If we want to be listened to, we have to show that we’re not gonna give up until we’re heard. Voting gives us that power. So go out. Vote. Be heard.