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If We Don’t Talk, Don’t Comment On My Life.

“ Another guy, really?”

“ You can’t be by yourself.”

“ You’re still hung up about that?”

“ Oh my gosh, why did a male just snapchat you?”

“ You’re drinking…again?”

“ You’ve changed!”


Rule #1: If we only talk because I reach out or if we only talk once every four months or catch up at random events, don’t comment about who I am dating, what I am doing in my free time and/or anything about my life. Please and thank you.

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Seriously, I don’t care if we have been friends for years, or if we have only been friends for weeks, nothing gives you the right to make me feel bad about my choices in life. I don’t care who you are, or how I know you. Nothing gives you the right. I’ll be the first to say, my life is complicated, but I’m having the best time right now. The fact that you think because I’ve known you for a while that you can judge me, astounds me.

In case you forgot, boys and girls can be friends. Just because I talk to a boy doesn’t mean I sleep with them. Remember the amount of boys in your bedroom before you lecture me in front of a bunch of people.

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I know you happen to only talk to me when I make effort (so every once in a while), even when I told you I was struggling with life a few months back. I’m doing great, I’m still healing, and believe it or not, I’m so happy with myself. Yes, that includes being completely okay with being alone. Thanks again for checking up on me.

It’s been months now. Yes, I’m beyond over him. Actually, I act like he never existed, but you wouldn’t know that. You would only know how I felt back in July, since that was the last time I heard from you. Question, why are you commenting on how I feel now to other people? Just wondering? Just in case you were wondering, yes I’m healing, yes I have bad days, and yes I still struggle with triggers. (In case you were wondering.)

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I’ve been through a lot this year. Sometimes I like to have fun. Sometimes that includes dancing with a good amount of people with some nice drinks. No, I’m not abusing anything. Just because I like to go out and have fun doesn’t mean I’m being irresponsible. In case you were wondering, my social life is amazing, my grades are outstanding and my mental health is becoming the best it has been in a long time.

Wow! I’ve changed? Thanks for noticing. I’ve changed too much for the better. I’m done accepting everyone in my life after you continue to do me wrong. Want to embarrass me in front of people and act like you know my life? Want to comment on my mental health and act like everything is cool between us? Want to comment on my social life because you aren’t a part of it anymore? That’s all okay, honestly. I’ve started sticking up for myself a lot more. I’m done putting up with bull for no reason. You only want to know the updates in my life. I stopped caring a long time ago. If you can go a week without talking to me, go a few more without talking to me.

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Please, if you haven’t talked to me, just act like I don’t exist. Next time we see each other, don’t ask about my life if you are going to talk negatively about it. We can just wave at each other next time. Here’s a warning, I’m done making effort with any and all relationships that are only giving me negative thoughts.

So, since I’ve changed into a stronger woman, I’m done. I’m going to move on and grow from these experiences. I know what is going on in my life, I know what I do and I know that I’m in a great spot right now. Do me one huge favor, don’t comment on my life. Please and thank you!

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"She remembered who she was, then the game changed."
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