How Rory Gilmore Does Finals Week

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Winter break is so close! Unfortunately, we have to somehow make it through finals week before we can enjoy a glorious 5-week break from school. Luckily we've got some tips from Rory Gilmore about how to make it through finals week without losing your sanity. So grab some coffee, sit back, and relax, you've worked hard all semester and deserve a break!

Have you worked your butt off all semester to end up with a B in your class? While a B may be great for some people, if you're anything like Rory, you treat it like it's the end of the world. Any time spent studying will help to pay off in the end! All-night study session time? Totally acceptable if necessary.

Once your test is over and your work paid off, reward yourself with a nap. An extra cozy (and cute!) option like this Vera Bradley throw is the perfect way to curl up and catch a few afternoon zzz's post test. Don't sleep too long and miss your next test though! If it's not enough, coffee is always an option. We've got access to so many adorable little coffee shops on and off campus, there's almost no excuse to not be having some! Coffee is totally Rory Gilmore approved too.

Think you might have some extra time to study? Throw a book in your bag and pull it out when you have some downtime, even if you have to force yourself. We've got five weeks off after this, you can sacrifice five minutes to study for your exam.

Remember, Rory didn't get in to Yale by slacking off, and you won't get an awesome GPA by slacking off either. Avoiding the inevitable finals will just lead to dissapointment, and maybe a little self-loathing, if you're like Rory...

Keep yourself healthy during finals week, don't prioritize studying over your sanity. Remember to eat! Our dining options have definitely upgraded since Rory's Yale days. She'd be super jealous of all our available food options on and close to campus. Luckily, Chipotle donated these awesome BOGO free cards to us to share with campus! Rory, do you want one?

Sorry we couldn't share with Rory, but we're sharing these with collegiettes on campus! Treat yourself and your friends (or yourself, twice) for all the work you've accomplished this semester. Free food is the best food, especially in college!

And before you even realize it, it's time for your exam. Do people really plan more on an exam day than just taking the exam? I'm with Rory on this one, after the exam just seems like a dark fantasy world. Is there actually something not dark and scary between your first final exam and your last one of the semester? I don't think so!

Those 8-am finals? Seriously the worst. Unless you're like Rory and wake up at the crack of dawn, getting out of bed that early is a real struggle. Or maybe you never even got to bed. Either way, TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray keeps your hair looking cute even if you haven't slept more than a few hours (or at all). 

So whether you spend your early morning cramming in a last minute study session, avoiding getting ready, or making sure your friends are awake, you better make sure that you aren't late to class! Keep all your go-to essentials in a cute wallet like this one from Vera Bradley and you won't have to worry about forgetting anything, and you already have a cute pattern that makes any outfit pretty and girly, so you aren't struggling like Rory.

But I promise, once you get past all those finals, papers, and presentations in your way, it'll be time for break before you know it! Whether you're spending a night in with your friends or going out, the perfect pick-me-up is these adorable scented Michael Kors temporary tattoos. Reward yourself or share these sweet scented beauties with your BFFs.

So for now, get to studying! It will all pay off in the end whether you've got one more semester or three and a half more years. Her Campus IUP will be giving away all of these goodies and more in the coming semesters, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date about when and where we're giving it away!