How My High School Friendships Ended After High School

We all have that one person that we went to high school with that was supposed to be a “forever friend,” but what we don’t know is if they are truly going to be “forever” or not. When I went to high school I wasn’t popular, but I had a lot of friends--or at least people I considered friends. More importantly, I had three close friends: Kaila, Lily, and Sarah (changed names for privacy purposes). I considered these girls my family; I would invite them over all of the time, take them out, buy them food, etc. The point is we did everything together...but when I went to college everything changed. Kaila, Sarah and I went to different colleges and Lily went into the work force. I always contacted them over the summer, and even when I got here I would facetime them every night, and I would snapchat them throughout the day so we could still ahve a relationship.  About mid-October I started realizing that they did not snapchat me as much as they did before, they were ignoring my calls, and stopped telling me about their lives. This had me heartbroken; I couldn’t believe my best friends that were supposed to be there forever were gone. I felt so alone.


(Photo via PGCPS)


I first contacted Lily because she didn’t have a lot of friends either so I wanted to know what was wrong. She said she just had a lot of work to do and that she couldn’t talk all of the time since she was working nights--I took this as the truth. But then I got to thinking, what about during the day? She didn’t have 20 seconds to send me a “hey how are you” text? So many questions unanswered, and I found later that the only way to get her to want to talk to me after numerous attempts was to buy her things. Then there was Kaila, she was the closest one to me. I messaged her straight up and said, “What happened between us?” Her reply was along the lines of "I’m busy with everything in my life and I don’t have time to keep up with everyone else’s." This hurt me because we were so close, and she basically said that she doesn’t care anymore. Sarah is the only one that still talks to me--but only when spoken to first.


(Photo via Introvert, Dear)


The point of all of this is that sometimes the people you think will be your forever friends will leave, but it’s not a bad thing. Some high school friendships are maintained throughout college, and I’m not saying all fail, but there could be a chance that they do! When thinking back on the friendships, I always miss them and our memories, but I have made new friends on campus! I wouldn’t take back what has happened between my high school friends because it taught me a very valuable lesson: people come and go but it shouldn’t affect your life negatively. If your friends are no longer in your life just know that you still have goals that you are going to achieve, and you will find people to help you on the journey!