How to Decorate Your Apartment On a Budget

Moving from a dorm to an apartment was a huge step in my college career. Not only did it require my roommate and I to take on more responsibilities, but it also meant that we had more rooms to decorate. We wanted to have a place that was adorable and made our place homier, but we did not want to break the bank during the process. Our savvy decorating skills must have paid off because we constantly get compliments on how “cute” and “adorable” our apartment is. Here are some decorating tips that will hopefully help you out in the future!

1. Tapestries are your best friend.

Alright. I know this one is a given, but I just had to include it. Look at how much wall space our tapestries take up! It’s a simple fix to fill up a large area of space with as little effort as possible. The tapestry in the first photo was only $20 from Bed Bath and Beyond (it's not sold online). The forest tapestry was $60 from Urban Outfitters, which I know is a bit on the pricey side, but the fabric is great quality and the design is absolutely beautiful.


2. Revamp an old lamp!

Taking something old and turning it into something new is the best way (in my opinion) to decorate a room. It only took a small amount of TLC and spray paint to turn this antique into something worthy of making a statement. What’s cuter than a vintage, pink lamp? Nothing!


3. Fresh flowers brighten up any room.

My boyfriend bought me flowers one week and I was utterly obsessed with how much life they added to my room. Ever since then, I’ve always made sure to have a fresh bouquet in my room and in our living room at all times. I picked up the vase for $1 at the Dollar Store and flowers can be bought at any grocery store or farmers market. There’s nothing more rewarding than picking up a new bouquet of flower, bringing them home, and having your room smell like a garden.  


4. Incense > Candles.

It’s one thing for your apartment to look presentable, but it’s also important to make sure it smells good too. Candles are a go-to, but I prefer Incense because 1) They’re not a fire hazard 2) They’re affordable and 3) Their scent is much stronger than a candle. I picked up this pack for only $2 at Spencer’s, but any local tobacco store would carry them. The wooden holder is sold at Walmart for around $2 as well, but like I said above, any local tobacco store would carry them.


5. Fill up empty wall space.

This part of my wall was empty for quite some time because I wasn’t exactly sure what to put there. Over break I picked up the corkboard/magnet frame at Target and the jewelry hanger for less than $5 at TJ Maxx. One of my crafty friends made me the wooden board with the ‘C’ on it a few years back. It doesn't take much to take a wall from drab to fab! 


6. Photo collages add some personal flair.

These photos were a great investment because they’re matte and they’re printed on cardstock so the corners don’t end up curling over time. The app I ordered from is called Parabopress (pst…go download it now). You get 25 prints for $16 + shipping, but they have frequent deals so it’s worth the download. I only paid $8 because the prints were free except for shipping.  


7. Get lit with a Himalayan salt lamp.

I can’t really testify whether or not my salt lamp has made me calmer, improved my sleep, or increased my energy levels, but I can say that it serves as a great nightlight and adds a natural ambiance to my room. I received this as a gift, but I found it on Amazon.


Hopefully these tips can help you either now or in the future! Good luck and happy shopping. :)