Hot Girl Semester





'Twas a hot girl summer, a summer that consisted of maybe vacations, internships, making up for lost time with friends, bonding with family, and self reflecting. As the summer winds down to a halt it's time to set new goals, new affirmations, and turn them into reality. The summer was just the break we all needed and for some it wasn't as long of a break, but for others it wasn't long enough. Moments leading into the summer we anticipated on doing all the things we had been dying to do which is all of nothing. Now, we are anticipating on coming back to school to be with college friends, parties, last minute study sessions, and more memories to end out the year. 


As a writer, I’ve had time to reflect this summer, I was able to uncover who I am. Who I am as a person, a friend, a student, an employee, a sister, and a daughter. I created goals both long term and short term. Leaving all of last semesters issues behind me and allowing myself room to grow and create new memories. Detoxing was well needed this summer, cleansing your mind, body and spirit is a must before you go into a new semester. 


Sometimes we get so caught up in the things that consume us that we don't get the chance to focus on the moment. This summer should have shown you exactly that. While some may have just sat around and watched others on instagram living their “best life”, others actually went and did it . Living your best life is such a cliche and overused term, but it perfectly describes the “yolo” concept of this generation. This summer was a hard-working summer. 


The summertime used to be a time where you could relax and unwind as you had no homework, classes and all your friends lived down the street or around the corner. Now, it's a big girl summer. That involved summer classes, friends living hours away, and working so hard but barely saving. In all seriousness, this summer was still one to remember as new memories were made. Those long distance friendships felt a little closer with each FaceTime call and working hard paid off because now you’ve added to your resume. 

Now, it’s time for a hot girl semester, full of academic flourishments, new memories and friends, getting involved and giving back. Make this semester one to remember by being the best hot girl student you can possibly be. Much success from one student to another and don't forget to take time out for yourself as well. Don't stress over things you can’t control, take a breather, and keep pushing.