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Halloween Costumes Everyone Will Be Wearing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning out costume ideas. If you’re someone who adores go all out for this holiday, then you know the excitement and struggle that comes with coming up with original costumes.

No matter how orignal some of us try to be, there are going to be a handful of costumes that make their rounds each year. Here are some Halloween costumes that nearly everyone will be wearing–and that you’re guaranteed to see at every costume party.


  1. Cats

A cat costume is simple and classic, a perfect choice for a last minute Halloween party. Just throw on your favorite black crop top or dress, some ears, and you’re good to go. The only downside? It’s a guarantee that you’ll run into at least ten other girls who also decided to go as a cat.


2. Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad’s leading lady has inspired girl’s everywhere to mimic her red and blue makeup and scant outfit this Halloween, with tons of merch making it an easy choice. As fun as a Harley Quinn costume would be, it is most likely going to be a common costume this year. If your goal is originally, this may be one to avoid.

3. Girls Dressed as Frat Guys

Another quick and simple ensemble is the classic Frat Bro look. It can be comfortable and easy to achieve, if you don’t mind looking like a lot of other Halloweeners.

4. Dudes Dressed as Basic Girls

What started out as a way to make fun of girls ended up backfiring on the guys. The White Girl costume is one of the least original ideas for guys, and one of the most overdone. (note: Not to be confused with the white girls from the movie White Chicks. Those costumes are hilarious and very original).


Honorary Mention: The Guy Who’s Too Cool to Dress Up

This “costume” doesn’t even deserve to make the list. Everyone knows that one guy who’s too cool to dress up for Halloween, so he just attends every party dressed normally. There are always several of them no matter where you go. Although they win points for breaking the norm, their lame attitude takes away from all of that.

Angie Prencipe is a sophomore English Writing and Journalism undergrad at Indiana University of Pennsylvania..