Five Things You Need to do to Take Care of Yourself

In college, it is hard to take care of yourself when all you are worried about is getting through finals and such. Here are some things that you should do while preparing yourself for these stressful situations:


Take a breath

  • Sometimes it is hard to stop worrying about upcoming assignments and just stop stressing so hard. It is important to take a breath every once in a while and reflect on the hard work you have done. Don’t stress on what you need to be done!

Drink water

  • It’s so easy to go out and get a soda from the vending machine. Most students don’t even drink any fluids until dinner time. This is so important because dehydration will increase blood pressure and could lead to headaches causing you to not be able to focus.

Go to class

  • It is so easy to skip class and get into the habit of it. Going to class, having the motivation to go will make you so much stronger and overall make you feel better. This is important academically but also for your mental health.

Give yourself a day

  • A lot of people love to go out every weekend, but sometimes a night in is important. That movie date with popcorn and your tv might be the best thing you do on a Saturday night. It is important to make sure your mental health is at a good point and isn’t decreasing due to lack of self-care.

Call your family

  • Sometimes you just need to hear from mom or dad every now and then. I know when I feel alone or if I’m sad I had a bad grade my mom is always there to talk to. It is good to talk to people instead of isolating yourself.


Again, these are very important to your mental health especially at such a stressful time like finals preparation. These are just a few things to help you but there are many more resources that can be used.