Fall Planning

With the semester in full swing and midterms in the looming future, planning is everything. Staying on top of assignments and making time to study is imperative. What always helps is having apps to help you stay organized whether you’re at the computer or on the go with your phone.

(Photo by rawpixel)

Recently, I found this website called Trello that lets you make lists and boards to help organize everything you need to do. Right now, I have two boards set up: one for school and one for projects. The school one helps me organize the work I have to get done as well as the things I have to study for. Though I haven’t put anything on the projects board, I plan on using it to plan out the separate steps I need to take to complete the project.

(Screenshot by Gabrielle Bonnar)

Not only that, the app is collaborative. You can connect with other people who use the app to work on things without being together. It can be useful to work on separate parts of a project and then come together to put together the whole thing.

(Photo by rawpixel)

The best part of all… the app is free! So you can focus on your work without having to worry about subscribing to access all the features. You can subscribe for a few extra features and customization but the main part of the website is free. Now go get organized so you can enjoy fall more and have more time to plan your amazing Halloween costume or your next weekend out with friends.