Facts about Black History Month





Why You Should Learn More About Black History Month

Many people know that February is Black History Month. Though not everyone understand why, how or when it came about. We celebrate Black History Month so we can focus on the history and contributions that African Americans contributed to our country. Here are a few facts that are important to note about Black History Month.

grayscale photo of people in the rally(Picture by: Unsplash.com)

  1. Started out as “Negro History Week”

     Carter G. Woodson created this week back in 1962. It wasn’t until 1976 when it became a month long!

     2. Interracial Marriage was not allowed until 1967.

     Could you imagine being in love with someone, but not being able to commit fully to them? I couldn’t either!

    3. Martin Luther King Jr. started college when he was only 15!

     Remember when you were 15? Dreaming about One Direction, and what new clothing craze would be next. Imagine being in college and holding all those responsibilities at that young age!  

    4. Phillis Wheatley was the first African American author that was published!

     Get this, she was only 12!!

    5. “I Have A Dream”

     Back to the famous Martin Luther King Jr, remember his famous speech! Remember how flawless and moving his words were? Well, he imprevised his whole speech!


So many people don’t know simple, yet amazing facts reagarding black excellence in the United States, and why we celebrate it! I hope these interesting facts help you understand and appreciate Black History Month!