Easy & Cheap Apartment DIYs

Moving into an apartment is very exciting. It's your first opportunity to really be an adult with almost no rules. The best part is being able to express yourself more than you could in the dorms, but decorations can be SO expensive. So what other options are there? Pinterest and the craft store are the go to places if you want your apartment to turn out fabulous! Here are some ideas on how to make your apartment feel like home, but there are so many other options available that won't cost you an arm and a leg!

String Lights! 

Christmas lights, string lights, whatever you call them are not allowed in the dorms, but in an apartment you now have the freedom to hang them wherever you want! Personally, I love to hang them from my curtain rod against my windows. They make the room so much brighter and it looks so girly and adorable! You can find ideas about where to hang your lights on Pinterest and if you buy them after the holidays they're super cheap!


DIY Decals!

Wall decals can be purchased just about anywhere in stores and online. The price can vary from $1-$4 depending on the size. There was one that I absolutely loved but couldn't justify paying more than $10 for a giant sticker, so using Pinterest I ended up making my own for $3! All it took was clear contact paper, black paint, and Google images to find the idea to create something that I absolutely adore!


Decorated storage bins!

Plain white, clear storage bins are a must have wherever you live, but looking at them can become extremely boring after a long period of time. After a quick visit to the craft store I managed to turn my plain storage bins into super cute and girly storage that match my room! I bought adorable colored duct tape and scrapbooking paper and covered the front of the bins. I also managed to find some cheap sticky labels to add to the front which made them look even cuter! Pinterest is full of wonderful ideas on how to spruce up simple, essential items!

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