Dear High School Senior

Dear high school senior,

As a college sophomore soon to be junior (it feels like yesterday I didn't even know where the bathrooms were), my heart goes out to you. I know when I was in high school, I was so excited to finally get out, to be on my own. However, before I could do that I needed to finish off my senior year and that was the best year ever for me. I was involved in so much, had so much figured out, did so much with my friends. It was truly the time of my life. The problem is, you don't get to have that. Yeah, you had only a couple of months left but those are the ones that counted. Those are the ones where you make the most memories and get to realize that you are for real leaving. It's very hard to think about that now because it feels like you didn't get to say goodbye. My high school graduation was not only one of my greatest achievements but the moment I realize my life has finally started. Just know that it is not over though. Proms are rescheduled, ceremonies are rescheduled, everything is going to happen eventually but the only thing you won't get back is that time with your friends. The thing is though is it's not a loss, trust me. Right now, you are thinking, "I just want to see my friends", "I'll never see them again", or "I'm so sad". One thing I learned from college is that those friends in high school are nothing. I have 2 friends that I actually still talk to and actively do stuff with. So right now it seems bad from that aspect but trust me, you'll see soon enough. I do however feel for you on the things you are missing out on. They will try their best to make them up. But they probably won't be the same honestly. The best thing you can do is not get down, have hope, and let this chapter end. Because honey, this world is so big and your life is just starting. The opportunities are endless. It's hard now but ill know you'll get across that stage and have that last dance. In time <3


College sophomore