Considering Rushing a Sorority? Consider This!

A very popular question that girls face through their college career is deciding whether or not to join a sorority. Greek life is very popular, but it may not be the best choice for everyone. While for some girls it is a very simple decision, for others, like myself, it was a very tough decision that involved a lot of consideration and thought.

 One of the biggest things to think about is what type of sorority you want to join. While the most well-known options are social sororities, there are also very active academic and service sororities on campus. All have various time commitments and costs, but they seem to share the same level of sisterhood and friendship across the board.

 If you decide to join a sorority (or are even just considering it!) you will go through the process of rushing. There is a rush process in the fall as well as in the spring. Spring rush for social sororities is very popular, because freshman with 12 or more credits can participate during this time. The beginning of rush week in the spring involves a general introduction meeting where you are randomly sub-divided into smaller groups. The girls in your group will be the ones who you are with all week that will go around with you when you meet the various sororities. You are required to meet all of the sororities at least once. After that you can go back to any that specifically stood out to you. Later is the invitation round, where you will go back to visit the sororities that thought you would fit best there. Lastly, you fill out a preference sheet and then submit it, and if one of your choices likes you then you receive a bid!

 While it is a very exciting process, it can also be very difficult to decide where you want to be if you are not sure. The biggest thing to consider is how comfortable you are with the group of people. A sorority that is right for your friends (or family) may not necessarily be the right one for you, and that is okay. This process is for you, about you, and where you see yourself best. Other things to consider are: the time commitment, academic requirements, and the financial obligations. Sororities tend to make certain events mandatory, and there may be more required activities for new members, such as a certain number of ‘study hours’, mandatory study time in the library which varies by organization. All organizations on campus have a minimum requirement of a 2.0, and most Greek organizations are usually higher, so if you are interested in going Greek be sure to keep your grades up! The financial aspect can vary vastly depending on which sorority you are interested in, the best way to find out is through researching the individual group.

 Sorority life is definitely a popular path on campus, but it is not the only one, there are tons of other organizations on campus to get involved in. The most important thing to figure out is where you are comfortable, and the rest will all fall into place! If you are unsure or want more information about a specific sorority, a quick google search will lead you to their national page, or just look around campus at the various fliers and events they have. If you have any questions or are considering rushing definitely feel free to ask or go to rush, they are happy to answer questions and are very welcoming to all potential new members, no matter what your choice is!