Cheap, Fun and Easy Valentines Day Dates!

Cheap, Fun, and Easy Valentine's Day Dates!


So many of us hate Valentine’s Day simply because we think it has to be the best day ever. Newsflash, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes we overthink planning dates so here are few easy, cute date ideas to celebrate with your partner!


1. Movie Night!

Movie Nights are always fun! Plan a movie night inside! Make a fort, pop some popcorn, and pick a good movie! It’s a romantic, easy, and fun idea!  

popcorn in clear glass bowl(Photo by: Alex Munsell)


2.  Bowling!

Go to your local bowling center and roll a few!! Listening to music, laughing, eating pizza, and having fun can be one of the best nights!

bowling balls hitting pins(Photo by: Karla Rivera)


3. Pizza Night!

Don’t order the pizza! Go out and buy everything to make your own pizzas! This can be a fun and cheap night!

(Photo by:


4. Game Night!

Gather some of your friends or even family and have a night in! Pick some board games or even poker and have fun!

person sitting near poker chips(Photo by: Chris Liverani)


Stop overthinking Valentine’s Day! The cheap, easy dates can be some of the best days ever!