Bittersweet Endings

There's no greater feeling than finally seeing green grass, rabbits, and blooming flowers after months that had nothing to offer except warm cups of tea and picturesque snow-capped trees. Although winter was a great time for movie nights with hot chocolate, I am more than ecstatic for the summer days that lie just around the corner. It's already starting to feel like summer-- I dug through the bottom of my drawers to locate my shorts, my pale skin shows a few signs of sunburn, and I leave class with the worst butt-sweat every day (Don't lie, I know your butt sweats too). Spring has sprung, and so has my anticipation for summer to happen. It won't be long until we're all packing up our rooms, saying our goodbyes, and heading home for the almost four months that break consists of. Once again here I am thinking about how crazy college flies by. Everyone was right when they told me how fast these four years fly by, and I finally believe them. Even though I'm more than ready for the summer days that are just around the corner, the thought of IUP will remain in the back on my mind during the next few months. Try not to miss me too much while I'm gone.