The Best and Worst Foods For Sex

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Sex: one of the most overrated and underrated topics amongst college students.  Sex has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety in many men and women, but what most people don’t know is that what we eat can affect our sex drives, for better or for worst. Having one of those "No, not tonight babe" situations? Want to know what to eat on your dinner date to prepare? Check out some of these great (and not so great) choices. Maybe then you’ll be able to decide easily where you’ll want to grab food for dinner that night!

The Best Foods For Sex:

Spinach, Kale, other leafy greens: with a huge magnesium punch, your blood vessels will dilate better. Dilated blood vessels equal better blood flow to your genitals, getting you aroused much quicker.

Watermelon:  although watermelon does contain good amounts of lycopene and beta carotene, it’s main sex contributor is a compound called citrulline. When eaten, citrulline converts to an amino acid called arginine, which causes nitric oxide to relax the blood vessels, similar to the drug Viagara.

Almonds: packed with selenium, vitamin E, and zinc, this nut is great for heating up the bedroom. Zinc has been studied to speed and raise a person’s libido. Almond butter anyone?

Tea: a drink bursting with antioxidants, one specifically called catechin, promotes blood flow all over, just as magnesium does in the spinach and kale. Catechins increases blood flow, enhances your memory and eases moods creating a calm and relaxed mindset for the night.

Citrus fruits: In a recent study, men who consumed more vitamin C had more sperm production than those taking a placebo pill for vitamin C. Get your reproductive health booming men! Snack on orange slices, grapefruit, or add a lemon zest dressing on salads and chicken.

Strawberries:  Although they do contain a lot of vitamin C, which promotes healthy reproductive health in men, they are also chock full of antioxidants, great for blood flow throughout your body. Pair these babies with some dark chocolate for a perfect date night dessert. The methylaxanthines in the dark chocolate may also turn up that libido.

Not So Hot Sex Foods:

Microwaveable popcorn: Before you place that bag in the microwave, you might want to rethink your movie and popcorn date.  Many popcorn bag linings include perfluoroalkyl acids, such as PFOA or PFOS. These have been linked to significantly lower sex drive and sperm count in men. 

Alcohol: Yes, yes, a lot of us fall into the category of feeling more confident and flirtacious after a glass (or six shots) of alcohol. However, alcohol can lead to unsafe decisions, poor sexual health, and decreased arousal/sensitivity. It may be a good starter, but don’t rely on alcohol each time you want to get in the mood.

Legumes:  Soy has been shown to decrease testosterone in men, and also lower their sperm count. Small amounts of legume-derived products such as soy and tofu won’t hurt, but men who have consumed 120 mg or more a day have seen a decrease in their testosterone levels.

Meats with added hormones: Men, additional hormones and antibiotics, such as steak, can offset your natural balance of hormones. 

So the next time you don't know where to eat, keep these food suggestions in mind, especially if you know where you want the night to end up! Have fun and stay safe, collegiettes.