The Beginning of the Semester as Told by How I Met Your Mother

The beginning of a new school year is bright and shiny and full of happiness. The beginning of Spring semester is dark and snowy and full of confusion around what day it is. Coming back from winter break can be really confusing and exhausting, especially if your school has an abnormally long break *cough* IUP *cough*. If you've recently started your Spring semester, you can probably relate to these feelings as told by How I Met Your Mother.


1. When you put off getting books until after the first day of class and your professor assigns homework

This is honestly such a cruel move on the professor's part and who needs that kind of stress. You just spent your entire break working and now all of the money you made will be going towards over priced textbooks that everyone knows they'll only use like one time.


2. When your friend doesn't save a seat for you in class

You signed up for this class at this specific time in order to gossip with them. The fact that they didn't save you a seat is almost the ultimate betrayal. Now you're stuck trying to make friends with a stranger or doing the unforgivable and taking someone's unassigned-assigned seat. This all could have been avoided if your friend had just saved that chair for you.


3. When your crush walks into class

Sure, you've never spoken a word to them and you aren't 100% sure of what their name is, but it's a new semester! You're determined to at least get their Snapchat no matter how awkward you may be.


4. When everything starts happening at once and you don't know how to feel

Your friends aren't sure if you're laughing or crying, and, honestly, neither are you. It is that wonderful time of year where you feel the need to reflect on everything that happened the year prior and all of those feelings just start coming out and you can't stop them. Hang in there, you'll rope it all in soon.


5. When you celebrate do any small task

We all know how hard it can be to get motivated when it's freezing outside and all you really want to do is nap. Encourage yourself for putting your bowl in the sink or opening your laptop!


6. When you finally get it together and prove everyone wrong

You said that this would be your year and no one believed you. Getting to prove everyone wrong is going to feel so good.


Spring semester is a weird time--you were just home for what seemed like an eternity and now you have to get back in the groove of things overnight. Hang in there collegiate, you've got this in the bag.


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