Advice I Wish I Could Give My 18 Year Old Self

Advice I wish I Could Give My 18 Old Self

As we grow older, we all wish we knew things earlier in our life. When we are younger, we think we are prepared for the worst, but the truth is that we’re not. We think we’re doing the best for ourselves, though we’re not. This is a list of some of the advice I wish I could have given my 18 year old self.  

1. Don’t let anyone walk all over you!

Stand your ground. It doesn’t matter with who, do not let anyone walk all over you. If someone makes you mad, sad, happy, anything, just let them know. If they want you in their life, then they will make sure to have you.

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2. Don’t Change Yourself For Anyone!

Regardless whether in a friendship or relationship, always be yourself. Don’t pretend to enjoy things for someone else, don’t eat food you hate for someone else, don’t pretend to be anyone but yourself. You are gonna end up with so much unneeded stress for no reason. If someone doesn’t like the real you, you don’t need them. Be true to yourself!

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3. Eat The Food!

For the most part, a lot of people are concerned about their weight. We go out with friends and watch what we eat, on Thanksgiving with go without gravy, and during Christmas we go without eating cookies. We always try our hardest to live life in a healthy way, but don’t do it all the time. Eat the cookies, get the chicken and fries, cover your plate with gravy. You’re only going to regret not doing it in the long run.

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4. It’s Okay To Let Toxic People Go!

People like you see the potential people have, even if they are showing you the worst side of themselves. If people are putting more stress on you, making you sad, or not helping you grow, let them go. It may be hard, but it will be the best thing you do for yourself.

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5. Live For Today!

Stop living for the future. If you keep living your life for the future, you aren’t going to have any memories. As stupid as it sounds, you want some regrets. You want memories you can look back on and laugh at. Have fun and let loose a little.

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6. Don’t let anyone’s judgements decide your decisions!

If you want to go out on three different dates this week, do it! You’re young! You’re never going to meet anyone if you don’t go out. If you want to eat an extra slice of pizza, do it! If you want to skip the gym to catch up on sleep, do it! If you want to do anything just do it! Why should we let what other people think, decide our life choices?

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The overall moral of these lessons is just to be you and do you. Who cares what other people think? I wish I could just go back and tell myself these few things. Everything happens for a reason though, and now I know these lessons for the rest of my life! Remember, be you!