6 Things to do in the Spring(ish)

Spring is almost upon us! The temperatures are rising, but now the rain is starting. Eventually it will be warm out, and we’ll be able to go out again, without freezing. Till then, here are some things you can do during this ‘lovely’ in between weather.

1.Hang out in the Oak Grove

Indiana weather is unpredictable, which makes the Oak Grove one of my favorite places on campus. You can go hangout with friends and study, and if it suddenly decides to downpour you have plenty of options for places to run for cover like Crimson Café or the Library!

2.Explore some of the local shops around town

Philadelphia Street is another prime location to be during this weather. In case of sudden downpours or epic wind you have tons of options for places to go. There’s lots of unique items that can be found at the stores on Philly Street, my personal favorite was when I scored a $125.00 hand bag for $85.00 at a resale store that still had the original tags on it!

3.Road trip to Pittsburgh

The weather is getting nicer, which means the roads are getting nicer too. My favorite time to visit Pittsburgh is in the spring! There are so many things you can do from going to Phipps Conservatory, visiting the museums, or going to see a baseball game! IUP even offers trips to baseball games in April, but tickets go very fast!

4.Go on a student organization sponsored trip

Want a change of scenery? Several campus organizations plan overnight and day trips for a small fee. SMA ususally plans a trip to New York City in April that is 2-3 nights, other examples are day trips to Washington D.C., Grove City, and to Pittsburgh sporting events or networking events. Traveling with your friends without having to worry about driving or planning is a great way to make stress-free memories! Depending on the organization, you may also get to attend workshops and networking events related to people in your major!

5.Experience some off campus restaurants

My freshman year I don’t think I tried any off campus restaurants unless my parents came down to pick me up. This year, I started to open up and went around with friends and tried some of the unique-to-Indiana restaurants, and they're great. My personal favorite is Steel City Sammiches, which I must have walked past a million times, but now I can’t pass it without my mouth starting to water. If you aren’t one to go off campus or you don’t want to walk, most restaurants will deliver to campus!

6.Flashlight tag in the Oak Grove

One thing I haven’t done, but everyone tells me that they love is playing flashlight tag in the Oak Grove. The Oak Grove is definitely dark at night, but you can still navigate pretty well which makes it a perfect spot to play flashlight tag at night (just watch for the puddles!)

These are just a few of the ways to enjoy this in-between weather we are in! Did I miss something that you think should be shared? Please comment below with your ideas!