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6 Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Besties

6 Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Besties

Let’s all be honest the months September, October, November and December are absolutely the greatest months of the year. Though September and October are the best out of the four. Fall is a wonderful, airy, chilly, spooky, and fun time of year. Between all the stress from class, grab some of your besties and go to a few of these fun fall activities.

1. Movie Night!

Fall related movies are great, but spooky movies are ten times better. Grab your friends, a few bags of popcorn, your favorite blanket, and enjoy the times with your best friends.

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2. Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins!

Anything pumpkin related is super exciting. Go to a pumpkin patch, take some cute photos, and then carve the pumpkins while listening to some music. Relax, and be creative with your pumpkins!

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3. Scare Yourself!

Haunted Houses can be terrifying, but just remember they aren’t real! They can be such a great laugh and create some amazing memories!

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4. Touchdown!!

Football games are hands down one of the best moments of the fall season. Put on your team gear, put on some face paint, stand on those bleachers and cheer your team to victory!

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5. Trick-Or-Treat!

Passing out candy can be pretty boring. To make it exciting, gather with some friends and think of unique, different ideas to dress up as. Get what you need and start stitching! Homemade costumes are almost always the best ones!

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6.The Glorious (Pumpkin) Food!

Fall is the time that all Starbucks (in particular) wait for. It’s Pumpkin everything season. Pumpkin Spice coffee, pumpkin spice milk, pumpkin spice crackers, pumpkin spice bagels, pumpkin spice Oreos, pumpkin spice poptarts… The list could honestly go on for forever. If you love anything pumpkin flavor, this season is for you!

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To make this fall the best one yet, I suggest you do some of these activities with your besties. You will create memories, have good laughs and get in the fall mood!

"She remembered who she was, then the game changed."
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