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5 Ways to be Productive this Winter Break

With winter break just around the corner, many students want to take a break from stressing out about school and plan on being lazy and unproductive. Although it is definitely the time to de-stress, spending a little time doing some productive things will benefit you in the long run and help prepare for the spring semester that will come quickly.

1. Work on applications for summer internships.

Many summer internship application deadlines are in January, right before students become occupied with classes and extracurricular activities again. December would be the perfect time to start working on resumes and cover letters. By doing this over break, you won’t be stressing during the Spring semester about not having summer plans or not being able to get an internship before you graduate.


2. Figure out the books you’ll need for your spring semester classes before syllabus week.

This crucial task always ends up being a last-minute purchase and causes a lot of stress for people who need the book immediately. It may seem horrible to start thinking about the next semester while you are still trying to recover from the last semester, but it will help you out and you might be able to ask for a book or two for Christmas if your book list is looking extra pricey.


3. Stock up on some non-perishable food at home that you can take back to school.

This will make your January shopping list a bit shorter and your bank account a little heavier when it’s actually time to restock your kitchen upon your return to campus. Asking your parents for some food supplies for Christmas will help you prepare for next semester and save your wallet big time.


4. Create a workout schedule and stick to it

For some people, working out isn’t a problem and something that is easy for them to do. For others, working out in the beginning can seem like a chore, especially when you’re in college trying to juggle everything. Starting the gym during winter break will help you ease into it and get you into shape. You may even go to the gym once you get back to school.


5. Work a part-time job and try to save as much money as possible

During the school year, lots of money is spent and college students come home with little to no money left. Working a job during break will not only get you out of your house some, but also you will make some cash. You can also try learning how to budget your money by saving it and learn how to say no to some purchases so that next semester you don’t come home broke again.


Remember to let yourself relax this Winter break, but set yourself up to start off on the right foot next semester!

I am a junior at IUP who hopes to one day major either in Public Relations or Political Science with an obsession with music.
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