4 Beauty Trends You NEED to Master

We all went through the phase, either in middle or high school, where we are just learning makeup and make tons of really embarrassing mistakes. Most people think that awful time ends in high school, but even advanced makeup users are having trouble with some current trends. I spent hours researching and practicing on my own face with the help of YouTube. Here are some amazingly helpful tutorials on how to avoid making those mistakes.

The Trend:

Using eyeliners and shadows to achieve the perfect eyebrows

The Mistake:

Overly drawn on eyebrows

This tutorial by Tina Fierce will show you how to get thick, perfectly shaped eyebrows without scaring people away.

Tina Fierce Eyebrow Tutorial for (Thick Eyebrows)

The Trend:

Contouring: Using makeup to manipulate shadows and light in order to highlight or diminish facial features

The Mistake:

Un-blended, obviously bad contouring

This awesome tutorial by Lauren Curtis is the perfect intro to contouring.


The Trend:

Long, full eyelashes

The Mistake:

Spider Lashes or CLUMPS!

Here’s a video demo of how to use one of the top, and my personal favorite, mascara: They’re Real by Benefit Cosmestics

How to apply They're Real! mascara

The Trend:

Perfect winged Eyeliner

The Mistake:

Long, thick, and uneven winged lines

This makeup tutorial by TheBeautyVaultxo will show you how to create the perfect winged eyeliner.

Classic Thick Winged Eye & Red Lip Completed Look (Super Easy) + Extra Tips/Tricks

Don’t be afraid to try something new, but it takes practice to master some of these beauty techniques. Be patient and have fun!