3 Easy Steps to Avoid the Fresh 15

Stock up smart! Your dorm will be your new home, and you are the one in charge of what food is (and isn’t) residing in those bins and drawers. Stock up on healthy snacks so you will be less tempted to pig out on junk food: trail mix, granola bars, fresh fruit such as apples and bananas, baked chips, whole grain cereal, and yogurts are some examples of great snacks to keep in your room.

Get moving! What better way to get active, get involved, and make new friends than by trying out some clubs and activities? Intramural sports, club teams, fitness classes such as Zumba, Body Pump, spin class, or even grabbing a friend and hitting the gym are great ways to stay active and prevent the pounds from piling up while easing your stress levels and improving your mood. Don’t feel like getting involved in sports or the gym? That’s okay! Walk to class, bike to class, take the longer route back to your dorm, take the stairs, anything that keeps our blood pumping and body moving will be benefit you.

Eat mindfully: Have you ever sat down with a bag of cookies while typing on the computer, watching a movie or television series, or even playing video games, only to realize you finished the whole bag? This tip links with the golden rule of healthy snacking, watch portion sizes!