10 Underrated Netflix Original Shows That You Need To Binge-Watch

If you're in the mood to cuddle up with a blanket in the dark for hours on end--well then you've come to the right place. I've watched a majority of these shows in about a day so sit down and grab your snacks. Here's a list of some shows seriously deserving of some attention. 


1. Mindhunter

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Definitely watch this one if you're into crime series or psychology. In this show, you follow two FBI agents who decide that getting an inside perspective on past homicide cases will help them solve current ones. They begin interviewing serial killers and find common characteristics between them all--you'll just have to watch to find out!


2. Maniac

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Maniac is about an experimental psychoactive drug used to diagnose mental illnesses. There are three pills taken at different times, each digging into a different section of the subjects' minds. It follows two especially eccentric characters that you get to see change throughout the series. Personally, I was able to binge this in about a day.


3. Gypsy

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This series follows a rather wild and untamed therapist who uses one of her clients to get close to her younger love interest. It's thrilling to watch her slowly unravel her seemingly perfect and married life by pursuing her new alternative interests. Gypsy sadly won't be renewed for a second season but I believe it is worth the watch.


4. Glitch

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There seems to be something odd in the air when seven local people mysteriously come back from the dead. When one happens to be a police officer's wife, further investigation starts, and a medical experiment scandal slowly unfolds. It's definitely an exciting supernatural drama with a bit of emotion as you learn about each character's history.


5. Chewing Gum

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Chewing Gum, a raunchy Netflix comedy, follows its quirky main character while she messily navigates her newfound freedom from her strict family. This series is perfect if you need a good laugh.


6. Atypical

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Sam is a teenager on the autism spectrum who's always had his parents and his sister close by his side. Now that he's a bit older, he's going to need to start being more independent. As he decides he wants to start dating, it's a rocky road for everyone. This funny and heartfelt series will have you in tears. 


7. The OA

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In this science fiction series, Prairie Johnson suddenly returns after being missing for seven years. She won't open up to her family about what happened, or how she miraculously regained her eyesight after being blind all her life. She decides to confide in local high schoolers about her story and plans to have them help her rescue the other captives she was kept with, but the catch is she wants to rescue them through a portal to another dimension. 


8. Lost in Space

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I'm going to be honest with this one, I did not expect to get so invested so quickly. Lost in Space grabs your attention right away when a family chosen to help colonize a new planet is thrown off track when they wreck their spaceship on unknown alien territory. They immediately are thrown into chaos and have to figure out how to survive. The youngest child, Will Robinson, befriends a dangerous alien that ends up being an important part of their journey. 


9. Sense8

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Eight strangers lives are turned upside down when they begin to experience visions and feelings that don't belong to them. They soon find out they are part of a "sensate" group where their minds are all connected and can telepathically visit each other across the globe. They quickly become like a family and help each other in dangerous situations, especially as they try to escape those who want to eliminate all sensates. 


10. Sex Education

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Otis is an awkward high schooler living with his sex therapist mother. He starts to gain attention when he teams up with a classmate and opens his own sex therapy business within their high school. Besides the interesting plot, this series adds to its binge-worthiness as it includes real life issues such as abortion and homosexuality.


Now, hurry up and get watching!