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10 Best Things About Having a Big Sister

Your older sister, the only person who you can love and hate at the exact same time. You grew up with her, probably got called her name often, but she was always there to bail you out when needed. She’s your worst enemy some days, but also your built-in best friend.

1. You have weird inside jokes no one else gets. Remember that time you fell off your crutches and instead of helping you I picked up the milk you dropped? Yeah, love you too.


2. You have double the clothing options. Either your sister willingly shares her clothes, or you will be saying “hey, that was mine!” for the next few years when you see her wearing your clothes. Either way, more options for you.

3. You were ‘cool’ in elementary/middle school because you had older friends. Even if they weren’t really your friends, they hungout at your house with your sister. That was irrelevant to elementary school popularity though. All that mattered was doing ‘big kid stuff’ with her and her friends.

4. She always knows how to help you through any crisis. Whether it was with parents, teachers, friends, or whatever, she’s already been there, done that, so she knows exactly what to tell you to do (or not to do).



5. Your parents were super lienient with you cause you’re the baby. Your sister will be eternally jealous because you can get away with so much more than she did. You deserve it though, for having to live through her hand-me-downs all your child life.

6. Weekends were never boring. If you didn’t have plans, you had a live-in BFF, or mom could guilt her into making your sister include you in her plans.

7. As much as she picked on you, you knew she always had your back. Sure, she could pick on you, but no one else could, and they knew that.

8. You got to do everything when she did. When your sister learned to drive? You were in the car. When she was applying to colleges? You were along to college visits. You had a leg-up on most life experiences, because by the time it was your turn you were basically a pro.

9. She taught you how to handle anger but still maintain a relationship. Screaming fights, an occasional thrown shoe, and hanging up in the middle of a phone conversation are all things that seem to happen (as dramatic as it seems). Your sister never stopped talking to you completely though, and your relationship still exists after how many stupid fights.

10. She’s still your best friend. College may cause a lot of your friendships to change. However, your sister is the one annoying best friend you are stuck with for the rest of your life. She can be your world travelling partner, your maid of honor, your therapist, or your girls night buddy anytime you need one.

Growing up as a younger sibling wasn’t always fun, but it wasn’t that bad and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Hi I'm Amanda! I am a former Nationals Intern, and former CC of Her Campus at IUP. Currently living in Pittsburgh, and adventuring where ever the world takes me!
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