What Not to Get Your Man for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if you're anything like the Collegiettes at HCIU, you're racking your brain about the perfect gift for your man. Have no fear, we've done the dirty work for you to find out the worst of the worst V-Day presents. Simply follow the advice of these campus cuties to ensure a perfect day filled with nothing but love.

We don't want the same things you do.

"One time I got this girl I was dating a glass rose. She thought it was really cute, but it'd be weird to get that for a guy. We aren't as sentimental about those kinds of things," Tyler S.

"I got a teddy bear for Valentine's Day once. It's currently stuffed on the top shelf of a closet. There's no utility to something like that... guys don't want to cuddle with a teddy bear, they want to cuddle with their girl," Alex W.

"Definitely don't want flowers... I can't do much with those. Gift cards are also pretty overrated, because then they expect us to use it on them and when we don't we're in trouble," Jordan S.

Beware of buying me something you think I need.

"Things that are for my hobbies are generally bad ideas. Chances are if I'm a golfer, my girlfriend is going to have no idea what to get and I'll just buy what I need anyway and not use what she got," Jeff T.

"Don't try to decorate my apartment. I know you're just trying to be nice, but I don't really need my place to look like my parent's," Billy E.

Keep it personal.

"I really don't want anything purchased directly from a store. A bit of thought and effort into creating a gift makes it much better. I'm a sucker for things like photo albums. A type of photo time line highlighting some major points in the relationship would be pretty awesome," Jake K.

"I would prefer something that is either practical or that has a special meaning in my relationship that will bring back good memories from the time that we've spent together. Something like a utility knife or a military style watch would be awesome," Andrew C.

When in doubt, don't get him anything.

"In general, I would say there are no bad gifts. Valentine's Day is for the girl. Plain and simple. My advice to guys would be to get her something nice and heartfelt and don't worry about whether you get something you like or not," A.J. O.

"Honestly, I would prefer not to get anything. I feel like Valentine's Day is for a guy to spoil a girl. Not to sound chauvinistic, but it seems reassuring for a girl that she has someone who cares about her if she gets something, where as guys are just content being there with them," Brett S.

We hope you saved those receipts, Hoosiers. Have a gift-giving horror story? Tweet us the deets @HerCampusIU, so we can warn future gift givers!