Campus Cutie: Daein Won

Name: Daein Won

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Major: Business Management

Relationship Status: Taken

Age: 18



What is the One World Concert?: 

“Concert for performances.”


What are you performing at the concert?: 



Are you excited for the One World Concert?: 



Is this your first performance?:

“No. My first performance was at church. I danced.”


How did you get into dance?:

“Cool music.” 


Do you have any family coming up for Family Weekend?: 



What’s your favorite thing to do at Ithaca College?:



If you could travel in time, would you visit the future or the past?: 

“The past because I want to see people that I don't see right now.” 


What’s something you wish you could tell your high school self?: 

“Every NFL game score.”


How did you and your girlfriend meet?:

“We met on 32nd street at a festival. She is an amazing person and I love her.”


What's your favorite holiday and why?:

“My favorite holiday is Christmas because there is snow.”