How Gay is Pakistan?

Being a part of the LGBTQ can mean living in constant fear of not being accepted. There are many reasons why people are against same sex relationship. A lot of these reasons are based on politics and religions. Some people live their life everyday based on whatever God they believe in. For example, Islam is based on Allah. Muslims who practice Islam base everyday decisions on whether or not Allah would approve. During How Gay is Pakistan  a guy was born in Pakistan but moved to New York with his parents. While living in New York he finally told his parents he was gay. His parents were not too happy since they practiced Islam. After his parents were aware, he decided to take a trip back to Paki to see if there was a gay scene. While there he found an underground party hosted by gay activist and transgenders. Later, he went to a priest to confess that he was homossexual. The priest explained that he was “sick” and that there's something wrong with him. That he’s not on the right path and that he has to pray to Allah for guidance. After watching How Gay is Pakistan, I learned that no matter where people live in the world there’s always a chance of being rejected. Everyone has these “norms” in their head, things that are right and things that are wrong. When people decide that they aren’t “normal” they live their life how they want. Society then puts this person down and thinks that they’re sick or there’s something psychologically wrong with them. Society hasn’t fully accepted that people are different. I think we have gotten better but it’s not at the point where everyone can live in comfort.