High School Musical, The Musical?

Have you heard of the new High School Musical? Finally, after 15 years of releasing the first original movie, we get a new one. We’ll let me tell you it is not like all the other movies, so HSM fans let’s not get our hopes up just yet. In fact, it’s not even a movie, It’s a series! Like what? The new High School Musical is an actual musical that hits Disney+plus on November 12th.

So basically, it’s a bunch of teens trying out for the different parts for “the Musical” that will be shot at the actual high school itself. The series revolves mostly on the two who will play Gabriella and Troy, which in this case is Nini and Ricky. 



That’s right! This new High School Musical is hosting auditions. Sadly, we can’t tryout, these auditions are part of the series. Like I said earlier, this series is going to be an actual Musical that teens in the series will be auditioning for. It’s a musical in a musical! Weird right? Nini and Ricky who are auditioning for the roles of Gabriella and Troy are the main characters in the series. Most of the teens in the series will be competing for the roles of Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, and Sharpay Evans.


Is there Romance?

Heck yeah! That’s one thing they did manage to keep the same. Although this chemistry is a little different than the original. Nini and Ricky who auditioned to be Gabriella and Troy in the musical are not totally in love. They were once a couple but then broke up and Nini got a new boyfriend, E.J., who wants to audition for Troy’s part. Ricky wants to prove himself to Nini by trying out Troy’s part, he eventually gets the part, and this starts drama between all three of them. Will Nini fall for Ricky all over again? 


The Original vs. the series

So, what are the major differences between the two? First is the most obvious which is that this new HSM is not a movie but a series. The new High School Musical will consist of 10-episode docu-style show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, every episode will feature a new rendition of a song from High School Musical. In other words, 10 episodes equal 10 songs! So basically, if you confused this series is a scripted “reality” show.