Seven Easy Side Hustles to Make Quick Money

With the crazy costs of college and a social life (all those instant ramen packs really add up!), it's no surprise if you've been feeling short of cash lately. However, there's so many ways to make a little quick and easy money to keep your bank balance and yourself feeling a better. Here are just some of the many oportunities out there!

1. Uber/Lyft

Got a car and a clean accident/criminal record? If so, this popular side hustle might be right for you! The flexibility of Uber and Lyft is a huge perk for busy college students who can schedule work around finals, going home, and other commitments, and according to data from Uber and MarketWatch, you can make anywhere from $9-$25 per hour depending on demand.

2. Swagbucks

If you're looking for a way to do simple work from home, Swagbucks might be it! The website and app allow you to take surveys and watch videos for companies. Each survey can give you anywhere from 40-200 swagbucks, and 100 swagbucks can be exchanged for a dollar. Although it takes significantly longer to earn through Swagbucks than most other side hustles, it's also one of the easiest- many users report being able to take surveys while multitasking.

3. NoteSolution

If you regularly attend lecture and take pride in your notes (or need the motivation to do both those things), NoteSolution might be the side hustle for you! If you're taking a class they need notes on, you can get paid up to almost $500 per course you take and send in notes for. 

4. Psychology Studies

Studies and research labs around campus are often looking for participants and willing to pay them! To find these studies, you can use the Paid Participant Pool website or just browse flyers at the Psychology Building. Many studies do have age restrictions, but quite a few are available to all and easy to complete.


5. Selling Your Old Stuff

Marie Kondo your life by getting rid of those freshman year textbooks you never cracked open and those clothes you don't wear anymore to sell online or at a consignment store! Plato's Closet and Facebook Marketplace are two popular and easy places you can place your unused items for sale to make some easy money.

6. Part Time Job

This is an old classic - if you have spare hours in the week, apply for any local part-time jobs that catch your interest! There are almost always openings somewhere for waitresses, hostesses, cashiers, baristas, tutors, and so many more. 

7. Parker Dewey

Parker Dewey is a website that periodically offers students the opportunity to take on micro-internships; tasks that will take a fixed number of hours and have a set payment such as note-taking, research, and website design. You can gain real-world experience and money on a flexible schedule- a win-win!


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