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Why Dogs Are the Best Stress Relievers

It’s the middle of December, you’re up to your ears in projects, papers, and everyone’s favorite: finals. You’ve gotten 6 collective hours of sleep in the past two nights, and all you have left in your kitchen is minute-rice and Kit-Kats. You’ve been looking for something, anything to take the stress out of your life for five minutes. Well, here it is. The answer to all your problems: dogs. 


Stress is real, but dogs can help. Studies show that interactions with dogs can help decrease stress in humans.

Therapy dogs

Yes, they do exist. Some universities offer therapy dogs during finals for all the studious people in the library. Need someone to tell you everything is going to be ok without actually saying it? Look into the eyes of a therapy dog and feel your heart melt in seconds. 

Cuddling with your dog before bed

If you have a dog that sheds, well that’s what they make vacuums for. Let that little pup in your bed because what’s better than de-stressing and cuddling with a furball before bed? Absolutely nothing. 

Working out with your dog

Getting in a short workout is important during exam time because that alone is a stress reliever. Going on a run or even a walk with your dog means spending more quality time with them and releasing stressful toxins. 

Laughing at dogs

Let’s be honest, dogs are so ridiculous and every person you run into on the street probably has a story about that one time they saw a dog run into a glass door trying to get a Cheeto. 

Watching dog videos

If you haven’t ever seen a dog be ridiculous in person, then take to the Internet. No one has ever laughed harder than they have watching a pug chase it’s tail or a husky be more vocal than most humans. If 90% of your saved videos on Facebook are not dog videos, you’re doing it wrong. 

Staying in the moment

These furry animals teach us so much about relaxing and having fun, but one of the most important lessons dogs can teach us is to live in the moment. Life gets crazy and we all get stressed, but dogs remind us to take time to focus on the little moments in life. Even during finals. 


Seriously, set aside time to go pet a dog during stressful times and you will feel resilient. What did we do to deserve such perfect creatures? 

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Liz Gomez

Illinois State