We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

There are some very mean and negative people here on earth, but this doesn't mean it should detract us away from the good in this world and from who we were always meant to be.


Being surrounded by toxic people can make us feel so alone even if we aren’t. These people can bring out the worst in us, and that’s what these toxic people want. It’s so hard to let go of toxic people that we care about, and made so many memories with, but the moment we realize they’re holding us back and making us suffer, it’s finally time to let them go.


I can’t express enough how love and acceptance is the key to success. Feeling not loved and accepted... well... that just makes us not successful anymore because we constantly return to this person for validation. Caring so much for a toxic person can make us question who we are as a person. When we constantly return to this toxic person we care so much about for validation but don’t get the love or validation we need, run the other direction from them.


Toxic People Help Us Realize We Deserve Better. The minute we realize we deserve so much better, Is the minute that our new journey of happiness awaits. Toxic people help us realize the type of love we don’t want and realize the love we do want. We accept the love we think we deserve. Sometimes the love was always there for us, but we just didn’t accept it.