Ways to Incorporate Exercise into A Busy College Lifestyle

Let’s be honest, unless you are super passionate about it, it is SUPER hard to get the motivation to go to the gym. Many of us know how packed the Rec is at all times. I personally hate going to the gym because I feel super intimidated by everyone else around. Also, being a college student takes a lot of time, so I have found out some ways to incorporate some exercise into a busy lifestyle. 


Squat While Making Food

This sounds weird, right? But what are you doing when you are waiting for the microwave to finish? When you are waiting for your pot to boil? Probably nothing, right? When you have free time and you are just standing around, drop into a squat. It is a simple as that!


Walk, Walk, WALK

This is such an easy one for college students because we literally walk EVERYWHERE. If you live at Tri Towers or Cardinal, skip the bus and have a nice peaceful walk to class! I know it is getting cold outside now, but once it gets nice outside, try to walk as much as you can. Also, walking is eco-friendly!


Work While You Put in the Work 

Something that I have seen a lot of people do, is walk/run on a treadmill while studying. They either use Quizlet or read off of a notebook. I have tried this and I feel like I actually learn better when I am moving my feet. 

Working out is super important for our mental and physical health. Plus, we do NOT want the Freshmen 15. These little tips help me, but as always, find things that work for you.


Lot's of Love,