Wandavision Review

If you haven’t seen the internet phenomenon that is Wandavision you must be living under a rock. With the season finale having premiered almost a week ago, I think it’s safe to go back and dissect some of the most important details from the original Disney + series. Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned!

  1. 1. Wanda and Vision’s kids

    Tommy and Billy! Fans were probably very happy with this little nod to comics. When the boys were introduced in episode 3, Now in Color, it was obvious they would be playing big roles in the series.

  2. 2. Fake Pietro

    This X-men Quicksilver cameo was EVERYTHING! I will admit that how Fietro’s (Fake Pietro) plot line ended annoyed me a little bit. I wish his appearance did have something to do with the multiverse instead of him just being an actual resident of Westview.

  3. 3. Agnes’s real identity

    I absolutely LOVED how Agatha revealed her true identity to Wanda. Agatha Harkness has been one of my favorite characters from the comics for a while now so when I saw rumors going around that she might be making an appearance I got very excited. Also that theme song is legit the best thing to hit the internet.

  4. 4. Jimmy Woo and Darcy

    I’m so thankful to Wandavison for giving us more Jimmy Woo and Darcy content. They definitely deserved all the screen time they got and I really hope they have more in future MCU projects.

  5. 5. Monica’s powers

    Honestly, I didn’t really care that much about Monica and I wished she got more screen time than she did because maybe then I would care more about her character. I was really excited to see her finally get her powers like in the comics, but other than that I thought she deserved more.

  6. 6. White Vision

    This was such a twist that I was not expecting at all but was glad to see. The fight scene between him and Hex Vision was so intense and the ending of it was phenomenal. I cannot wait to see more of White Vision in the future, especially because he got his memories back.

  7. 7. Wanda’s reveal as the Scarlet Witch

    This was BY FAR the best part of the entire series. Wanda looks like a literal bad b*tch QUEEN with her new powers and new suit. I’m absolutely obsessed with it and cannot wait for more Scarlet Witch content.

I highly recommend Wandavison to any hardcore Marvel fan or any person who wants to get more into Marvel. The story line is interesting and the action is amazing. 12/10 overall.