Things To Incorporate Into Your Morning Routine

Your morning routine sets up your entire day. One bad morning can lead to an even worse day. Here are a few things I have incorporated into my morning routine to have a successful day:


Get up right when your alarm goes off

It is SUPER important to get out of bed right when your alarm goes off because lying in bed on social media or staring at the ceiling will either make you rush around later, or you could potentially fall back asleep. NEVER hit snooze This could potentially put you back into a deep sleep, and you could wake up feeling worse. 

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Make your bed

Making your bed right when you wake up decreases your will to get back into your cozy bed. If you are like me and have your bed lofted high up, it is really hard to actually make your bed. I personally just try to make it look as decently put together as I can with being so high up. Making your bed also makes your room look ten times more put together!

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Drinking water

This one may sound self-explanatory, but many people forget this. Drinking water, especially right in the morning, is super important! Water helps wake up your metabolism, helps your body flush out toxins and gives your brain fuel. Also, drinking a glass of water right when you wake up will help you eat less during breakfast, so you do not overeat!

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Your body has been asleep for 6-8 hours, which means it has not had any activity for that amount of time. Right when you wake up, it is good to stretch and release all the tension and tightness from your body. I love stretching in the morning because it makes me feel more flexible throughout the day. While I stretch, I listen to podcasts or I sometimes use the app Headspace. This app is a meditation and mindfulness app which helps you reframe stress. It helps bring calmness, wellness, and balance into your life. I love putting my headphones in and just focusing on my breathing, so I can connect with my mind and body.

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If you are a busy bee like I am, it is completely hard to find time or motivation to go to the gym. Working out is good for your body and mind. What I like to do is a 10-15-minute workout right when I wake up, so my body can wake up. I usually type in “home workouts” on YouTube and just choose a random video. If you have more time in the morning and want to go the extra mile, you can go to a gym. I personally bought some dumbbells and incorporated those into my workout. I attached a picture of an example of a morning workout routine below.

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good morning routine. You definitely do not need to incorporate all of the things listed above into your routine, but I recommend maybe trying out one or two. Have a good morning!


Lot's of Love, 

Lil Boomer ♡