Self-Care Routines that are Good For Your Mental Health

When your life is going good, everything is in check, you are ahead of your assignments, your skin is looking great, and then all of the sudden, something stands in your way and it seems to block your brain from functioning. This thing can be either physical, like a project, or something mental. Ladies, we have all been there. Lately, I too have been in a rut, both mentally, and physically. My room is a gigantic black hole, my grades are slipping, and I can’t tell you the last time I washed my face before bed. We all get in those times when you feel like you have so much going on but no time to yourself. I am here to let you know that you are not alone. Here are a few self-care tips I follow to help me feel like I have my life in check.


It is scientifically proven that we need at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Being a college student, we know that isn't always the case. It is important to get a good night's rest because if you don’t your body could become weak and allow unwanted toxins into your body to cause you to get sick. That is the last thing we want is to get sick.

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2. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise

This is so so so important for many reasons. For me, exercise reduces stress. I have a lot on my plate always, and getting in at least a mile run helps me feel like I am sweating out all of the toxins and bad energy out of my body. Plus, it helps keep you in shape. You don't have to go to the weight room. You can find cardio exercise in a lot of things! My favorite type of exercise in highschool was playing sports.

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3. Do something you LOVE

This also ties into the above point. IF you don’t like exercising, just do something that makes YOU happy! I enjoy writing and drawing, it is a way to get your mind off of something for just a little while. We often put our hobby aside because we have more important things to do like schoolwork. Yes, school is important, but your mental health and well-being should always come first. You only get one body and one mind, make the best out of it.

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4. Talk to someone special in your heart

Our mother’s somehow know EVERYTHING. As much as you want to disagree, it is the truth. Sometimes you just need to call your mom and talk everything out. Tell her your problems, your mental health, or anything in between, I promise you she will know what to say. Or, call your dad, or your grandma, ANYONE who you are close with because keeping everything inside just makes everything worse.

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Make sure you take time for yourself. Even if your schedule is crammed down to the minute, find time for yourself. It is so important. I am here for you. We are all here for you. Whatever it is that is stopping you this week, it is just a hurdle and you can jump it! Self-love is the best type of love baby!

Lot’s of Love,